Thursday, 12 April 2018

Our Zuster Training Leaders at the MLC on April 6, 2018.  They are from the left on the couch, Zusters Ogden, Williams, Klenk, Van de Graff, and Olsen. Standing from left Zusters Bateman, Acheson, Platt, Means, Gillespie, Hardy, and Pronk.

Our MLC at the mission home on April 6, 2018.  They are great leaders!

Our new assistants at work:  Elder Enger and Elder Lowder.  They are wonderful dedicated missionaries!

Elder McDivett and Elder Hunter are the new traveling Elders this transfer. They will travel throughout the mission training District Leaders to be the best ever!!

Home bound missionaries at the airport on April 5th.  Boo hoo!  We always send the best home!  From the left, Zusters Weber, Lane, Wolverton, Perkinson, and Elders White, Derochie and Finley.

A selfie with the mission Assistants and the missionaries that are leaving for home . . . taken at the mission home farewell.

The fireplace pose as we bid farewell to these great missionaries. In the back are Elders Black and Finley. In the front from the left is Elder Derochie and Zusters Weber, Lane, Perkinson, Wolverton and President and Zuster Bunnell.  This was on April 4th at the mission home.