Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Silly Zusters!  They just finished washingn some ugly pots --- Bedankt!

Following our recent transfer, this is our new Missionary Leadership Council (MLC) as of December 1, 2017, standing in front of the mission home.

Our last opportunity to enjoy Zusters Mangum and Lechtenberg
 playing a piano and violin duet.

A last great hymn by Zuster Leman and Elder Sutherland.

What strong Zusters!!! And their missionary work was just as strong!!! They do love Zuster Bunnell!!  And the hard work and commitment was worth it.  Now its time to enjoy their new life as they go forth to serve for life and love!!!

Monday, 11 December 2017

On November 30th we bid farewell to some of the greatest missionaries!! We love you all --- Success as you move forward!!
Back row, left to right:  Elders Oliphant, Mackay, Sutherland, Miera, Zuster Smith, Elders Steel and Packard.  Front row, left to right: Elder Van den Dungen Bille, Zusters Leman, deMoors, Haynie, Lechtenberg, Fordiani and Mangum.


Our new missionaries anxious to get to work.  Elder Dahlke is already out serving.


Trying Oliebollen at the airport!!

We welcome our newest missionaries freshly arrived from the MTC on November 28th, 2017.  They are, front row left to right, Elders Clemente from Spain, Dahlke from Tennessee and Leung from Hong Kong.  Back row, left to right, Zusters Woodruff from Alabama, Smith from Virginia, Hayes from Idaho, Lunt from Utah, and McComas from Washington.

Saturday, 9 December 2017

November 17, 2017.  Our Newest couple has arrived to serve and love --- Elder and Zuster Van der Werf from Arizona.  Hopefully they can bring us some sunshine. :-)

Our two super Assistants, Elder Mackay and Elder Christianson.  It's November 19th  . . . Elder Mackay's birthday!  Doesn't he look excited!! :-)

Fall is upon us!!!   November 2017.

We are thankful for our wonderful missionaries, gathered for the November 9th Zone Conference. They are all wonderful. 

Wow!! Such great missionaries.  It's wonderful to get together and mingle at the November 9th Zone Conference. 

Just give us pizza and we are happy!!!
More of our great missionaries at the November 9th Zone Conference!

Are you sure this stuff is okay to eat?  November 9th Zone Conference.

More happy Elders.  It's amazing what a visit to the temple followed by a pizza lunch can do for spirits. We love our missionaries.

Thumbs up for a great group of wonderful missionaries
at the November 9th Zone Conference.

Super-duper Zusters enjoying lunch
 at the November 9th Zone Conference

Temple Zone Conference with the Den Haag and Rotterdam Zones in Zoetermeer on November 9, 2017. 

Thursday, 7 December 2017

Maybe this is good food.  Let me check it out first!!!  
More good dining at the November 8th Temple Zone Conference.

Aah, Glorius Food!! A thumbs up rating
 for the pizza and muffin lunch

Good times at lunch on November 8th.

Happy missionaries at the November 8th Temple Zone Conference.
Isn't it amazing what a good pizza can do?

Wow!!!  How much pizza can hungry Elders eat?  

Elders and Zusters enjoying a great pizza lunch
at the November 8th Temple Zone Conference.

Some awesome Zusters enjoying lunch at the November 8th Temple Zone Conference.  The Elders are lining up for their goodies in the background. 

Temple Zone Conference with Apeldoorn/Amsterdam Zones
on November 8, 2017 in Zoetermeer.

Choice Zusters at the November 3rd MLC.   In back, left to right are Zusters Cliff, Boyd, and Leman. In the front, left to right are Zusters Cannon, Weber, Pond, Lechtenberg and Gagon.

Choice Zusters at November 3 MLC.  They are back row from the left, Zusters 

MLC at the mission home and the "boat" on November 3, 2017.

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

A happy Elder is Jean Freau at the Temple Conference.  It may have something to do with Pizza and chocolate muffins!!!

Another table of hungry Elders at the November 7th Temple Conference.  
Hi mom, the Pizza's great!!!

Nothing like good pizza and great conversations!!!

Hungry Elders at the November 7th Temple Conference.

More "super star" Zusters at the Temple Conference!

Some of our "Super Zusters" at the temple conference 
on November 7th.

Temple Conference in Zoetermeer  with the 
Antwerpen/Eindhoven Zones on November 7, 2017.

Zuster  Fletcher showing a tabbed Book of Mormon.  Great work!!!

Zuster Esther Fletcher tabbing the Book of Mormons.  
She is awesome

Having a fun "Donner" lunch with the Utrecht missionaries.  A reward for having the highest scores from a "finding/skills" contest. They are Elders Lewis and Diaz and Zusters Hardy and Lechtenberg. The two sets of missionaries tied for high score!!! 

A smiling Elder de Castro with Elder Kennel 
enjoying yummy pannekoken!

Elder Cardoso ready to happily eat with Elder Miera!

Elder Flores's excitement!  With Elder Calmes and his fork.

Elder Bathar's joy!

On October 25, 2017 we received these four Elders who are awaiting visas - 3 for Brazil and one for El Salador.  They are from the left, Elders de Castro, Flores, Balthar, and Cardoso.  We welcome them to the Belgium/Netherlands Mission. 

Monday, 30 October 2017

Zuster Training leaders at October 6th, 2017 MLC.  They are from the left, Zusters Gagon, Pond, Lane, Cannon, Weber, Wahlquist, Leman and Boyd.  They are in the "celestial" room in the mission home!

Anje Rebber with her new missionary name tag.  She has been  called as a Church Service Missionary.  She will be a Church History Consultant and do research.  She is from Hengelo, Netherlands.

Celebrating Elder Reeves birthday in the office 
on October 16, 2017.  He is the go to man in the office!