Monday, 30 October 2017

Zuster Training leaders at October 6th, 2017 MLC.  They are from the left, Zusters Gagon, Pond, Lane, Cannon, Weber, Wahlquist, Leman and Boyd.  They are in the "celestial" room in the mission home!

Anje Rebber with her new missionary name tag.  She has been  called as a Church Service Missionary.  She will be a Church History Consultant and do research.  She is from Hengelo, Netherlands.

Celebrating Elder Reeves birthday in the office 
on October 16, 2017.  He is the go to man in the office!

New missionaries fresh off the airplane at Schiphol Airport, arriving from the MTC on October 17, 2017. They are from the left, Zuster Lowry, and Elders Bishop, Leland, Marler, Kaelin, VanDenMeide, Thomas and Diede.

Trying some hot Dutch Oliebollen for the first time!!

A little jet lagged for sure!!!  Elders Bishop, Kaelin and Leland,
waiting for interviews with the President.

Our newest missionaries in front of the famous Leiden windmill, on their way to have Pannekoken for the first time.  They are back row from the left, Elders Thomas, Bishop, Marler, and Leland.  Front row, Elder VanDerMeide, Zuster Lowry, Elders Kaelin, and Diede.

All smiles as we take the plunge and try the 
famous Nederlander Pannekoken for the first time!!!

Yes, we can eat this!!!  Elders Leland and Marler.

Our second day in the mission field
after the training for new incoming missionaries.

Training is over.  We're anxious and ready to get out there and serve!

Some great trainers and trainees. 
From the left, Elder Kaelin, Richins, Leland, DeSeil, and McDivitt.

Zusters Van der Put and Van Eeden, 
who both serve in the office with their heart and soul!


Elder Miera leaving the call as an Assistant to train and help a new missionary with his awesome Portuguese! 

October 18. 2017.  These wonderful missionaries are leaving the field to return home with honor. We will miss their great service but send them home with our love. They are from the left, Elders Foltz and Gemmell, Zusters Conrad and Mercer, Elders Bartolni and Mancer.  Farewell, until we meet again

New Zone Leaders for this upcoming transfer.  Back row from left, Elder Hunter, Assistant Elder Christianson, and Elders Enger, Davork, Grondell, Packard, Reaveley, Geddes, and Lenhart. Front row, Elders VandendungeBille, McDivitt, Assistant Elder Mackay, and Elders Waters and Jensen.


Friday, 20 October 2017

October 6th Mission Leadership Council (MLC) in front of the mission home.  These are GREAT Missionaries.

The following 18 photos were taken
at our September Zone Conferences. We love our missionaries. Enjoy!!! 

September 28th Zone Conference in Zoetermeer
with the Rotterdam and Den Haag Zones.

September 27th Zone Conference in Zwolle
with the Apeldoorn and Amsterdam Zones.

September 26th, Zone Conference with the Antwerpen and Eindoven zones in Antwerpen, Belgium.

Eating the famous Pannekoken!  Zusters Bateman, Elggren and Steimle.

Zuster Steimle with her trainers, Zusters Elggren and Bateman.  
They will be serving in Kampen, Netherlands.

September 19th.  Zuster Stiemle arrives from the MTC with a broken foot that is mostly healed.  So happy to have her!

Happy Birthday to Elder Miera, our assistant on September 17th from the office staff.  From the back left are Zuster Eeden, Goebel, and Reeves, and Elders Reeves , Van der Put, President Bunnell, and Elder Goebel.
In front are Elders Mackay and Miera!!

A huge thank you to the Olivers for their devoted, loving, caring and awesome service to the Young Adults, missionaries and all the other people they converted while serving in Belgium.

Heading for Home!!!
At the Mission Home the night before they depart. From the back left they are Zusters Oliver, Dixon, Ibrahim, Musgrave, Dew, Abbott, Gilbert, and Thomas, and Elders Watson, Torrie and Oliver.  In front are Zusters de Souza and Lucero.  
We will surely miss them!

Our new missionaries in front of the Leiden windmill.  They are from the back row left Elders Mashburn, Eck, Denham, Gualtier, Gisseman, DuWors, Plant, Simons, Obray, Diaz, and Hatch. The front row from the left are Zusters Platt, Pomales, Broyles, Ogden, Erekson, Gillespie, Bitton, Prank, Acheson, and Brady.  Some have a huge white Wilhelmina mint in their mouths from dinner.

September 5th.  The arrival of  21 new Missionaries!  Hooray!

Elder Geeraert in the center between the Assistants, Elder Mackay and Elder Miera.  Elder Geeraert is leaving our mission to return to his home in Canada. He has been a great Missionary and will be missed.

More Endearing Missionaries:  Elder Van den Dungen Bille, 
Elder McDivitt, elder Geeraert and Zuster Leman!

Mission Leaders Council (MLC) with Elder Sabin 
and his wife Valerie at the mission home in August.

Some awesome Zusters with the camera!  Zusters Mangum, Fordiani, and Leman!