Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Oh no!!!  It is really over!!!

Goodbye, with President and Zuster Bunnell!

A fabulous group of dedicated servants:  Elder Penman, Elder Christianson, Zuster Boyd, Zuster Cluff, Zuster Wahlquist, Zuster Wray, Zuster Taylor and Elder Waters.

A little relaxation after dessert in the mission home.  Zusters Wahlquist, Cluff, Wray, Boyd and Taylor with Elders Waters and Christianson.

Superb Zendelingen going home!  Their final dinner of gratitude and appreciation for wonderful months of service to the Lord. From the left, 
Elder Waters, Zusters Cluff, Wahlquist, Taylor, and Elder Penman.
Then our two assistants who are not leaving yet, Elders Hunter and Enger. 
Then Zusters Boyd, Wray, and Elder Christianson. 

All of our new zendelingen (missionaries)!!!

Zuster Jones with her trainer, Zuster Diaz, serving in Leeuwarden.

Zuster Platt as trainer for Zuster Shaw, serving in Maastricht.

Zuster Van de Graff as trainer for Zuster Lamoreaux, serving in Eindhoven.

Elder Haddock with his trainer, Elder Graham, serving in Kortrijk, Belgium.

Elder Zander with his trainer, Elder Crook, serving in Sint Niklaas, Belgium.

Zuster Erickson with her trainer, Zuster Arens, serving in Haarlem.

Zuster Jensen with her trainer Zuster Vasser serving in Maastricht.

Elder Korony with his trainer, Elder Hair, serving in Den Haag.

Zuster Moore with trainer Zuster Williams serving in Hengelo.

Elder Carnline with his trainer Elder Ballard serving in Zoetermeer.

Some eager faces looking forward to trying this Dutch treat!!!

Introducing our new missionaries to Dutch Pannekoken in Leiden their first night in the country.  My, what a BIG plate!!!

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

On January 9th we welcomed 10 new missionaries and a new senior couple from the MTC.  On the back row from the left are Elders Zander, Karony, Carnline, and Haddock. Front row from the left are Zusters Shaw, Jensen, Jones, Erickson, Lamoreaux, and Moore with our new senior couple, Elder and Zuster Atkins from South Africa on the left.    

Zusters Wahlquist, Wray, and Boyd will be leaving for home soon.  What outstanding leaders they are!  We will surely miss them!

Our super Zuster Training Leaders upstairs in the "Celestial Room" of the mission home during January 5th MLC.  They are back row left to right Zuster Elggren, Atkins (a new Sr. Couple) Bratt, Wray, and Lane. Front row from the left, Zusters Cannon, Wahlquist, Gagon, Wolverton, and Boyd with Zuster Pond in front. 

All the great leaders of the mission at Missionary Leadership Conference (MLC) on January 5, 2018 at the mission home.

Monday, 15 January 2018

Two wonderful Elders!  Elders Waters and Geddes at MLC on January 5, 2018.

Monday, 8 January 2018

We celebrated Zuster Reeves' birthday in January after her actual birthday in December.  She is seated in front with her husband.They do everything and anything in the office to keep the mission running on track!  The Van der Puts are on the left with our assistants, Elders Hunter and Christianson in the center, and the Goebels on the right. The office sings with each one!!!  
Happy New Year from the office staff!!!🎉🎈🎉

Zuster Van den Berger leaves us on December 19, 2017.  She will be home for Christmas but we will miss her. She was a great missionary.

The entrance to the our mission office.  The banner is used by missionaries to help them when contacting in the centrums. This is one banner of several used.  Don't you think it looks great?

Our dear Zuster Van Eeden has her last day in the office. She served for 2 years in the mission office as a service missionary. She fulfilled many tasks keeping the records and President organized.  Perhaps her greatest function was keeping President on key with his Dutch and inspiring us all to be our best.  With tears of gratitude we thank her for her shining light, cheerful personality, and love for the missionaries and the Savior.  Bedankt.  Wij houden van U!!!

Zone Conference for the Eindhoven/Antwerpen Zones
in Antwerpen on December 14, 2017.

Zuster Taylor receiving her "clean apartment" award from Zuster Van der Put!!

Also receiving awards for their clean apartment
were Zusters Pond and Lowry! 

Zuster Acheson was also a winner for her clean apartment. 
Her companion, who had recently been transferred, received her award at another zone conference.

Elder Peck received a clean apartment award (a dutch apron).
His companions got theirs at another conference.

Hungary and happy missionaries enjoying a wonderful Christmas
 dinner at the Eindhoven/Antwerpen Zone Conference.

Our missionaries give a "thumbs up" to our senior couples for the great Christmas dinner at the Eindhoven/Antwerpen Zone Conference.

More of our wonderful missionaries enjoying Christmas dinner in Antwerpen on December 14th.

Friday, 5 January 2018

More of our awesome missionaries enjoying their Christmas meal at the Antwerpen/Eindhoven Zone Conference.

Antwerpen/Eindhoven Zone Conference in Antwerpen on December 14, 2017.  Some joyful missionaries enjoying their Christmas dinner provided by the senior couples!  Yummmmm!

Elder Finley on violin with Zuster Cluff on piano (she's really there,
you just can't see her). 😊This musical number was very moving as our hearts were touched at the Apeldoorn/Amsterdam Zone Conference on December 13th.

More speed contacting role play - a one minute test!

Speed contacting role play at Zwolle for the Apeldoorn/Amsterdam
Zone Conference on December 13, 2017.

And Finally Zuster Weber awarded for her clean apartment.
All these awards were in the Apeldoorn/Amsterdam Zones.

And more clean apartment winners with their aprons:
Zusters Wolverton and Pronk.

More clean apartments with apron awards:
Zusters Means and Lane.

Zusters Diaz and Vassar also received an apron award 
for having the cleanest apartment

Thursday, 4 January 2018

More winners of a dutch apron for keeping their apartment clean.
Elders Crow and Callahan.

Winners of a Dutch Apron for having the cleanest apartment in their zone.  
Elders Gualtier and Blackwell.

Handsome Elders enjoying their meal!!
Apeldoorn/Amsterdam Zone Conference on December 13, 2017 in Zwolle.

Some of our great Elders ready to "dig in" to their Christmas Dinner at the Apeldoorn/Amsterdam Zone Conference in Zwolle. You can see that Elders really know how to fill their plates.😊 

Great missionaries in Zwolle for the Apeldoorn/Amsterdam Zone Conference, enjoying their Christmas dinner!

More awesome Zusters enjoying their Christmas dinner at the Apeldoorn/Amsterdam Zone Conference on December 13, 2017 in Zwolle.