Saturday, 25 February 2017

Assistants get

February, 2017.
Elder Croft's birthday treasures!  And don't you love the hat!!!

Elder Croft's birthday celebration with the
office Elders of Israel.😊  GREAT HATS πŸŽˆ!!

These two filled the mission home with fun and joy!  Goodbye you two!!

Saying Goodbye!!!

Elder Bringhurst with his great smile!!


Two Awesome Elders ready to head home;  Elder Bringhurst and elder Solomon.  What wonderful service they gave!  We will miss you both😒!!

Some of our greatest Missionaries chilling in the office prior to the work ahead!                 Clockwise from the left, Elders Croft, Bruneau, Richards, Sosa,            
                                                 Drenth, and Crowder.

Elder Tanner with only the best, Elder Crowder as his trainer.  They will be serving in Gent!

Elder Fernhout, with his awesome trainer, Elder Richards.  They will be serving in Brugge.

Elder Cameron with his trainer, our great Elder Bruneau!  They will be serving in Dordrecht.

Hours later on February 7th two more new Elders arrived; 
Elder Cameron and Elder Fernhout, both from Canada.
Here are all three of our new Elders at the airport!

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President Bunnell and Elder Tanner, a new Elder from Heber City, Utah who arrived on February 7, 2017.

               February Mission Leader Council.  Can't manage without them!!!

Uh Oh!!!   Who got Zuster Bunnell's Ipod???
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President Bunnell with two great Elders in
Den Haag!
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Saying goodbye to the Office Elders McConkie and Perry as the new ones come in;  Elders Torrie and Needham.

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Saying goodbye to Elder Crowder as an assistant and hello to Elder Sosa, the new assistant with Elder Croft.

Friday, 24 February 2017

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Saying goodbye to 3 great missionaries in December, 2016.  They are Elder Jardine, 
Elder Smith and Elder Isaksen.

                       The great Mission Leader Council in January 2017

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Mission Presidency:
Elder Van der Put, 
President Bunnell
and Elder Van Beek 
at a January zone
conference in Den Haag.

Our dear Anja Rebber from Hengelo at the temple, right after  her endowment on January 12, 2017, surrounded by wonderful missionaries that helped teach her.

                                                                  Rotterdam Zone
                                                     January 2017 Zone Conference
                                      Such a great group of awesome missionaries!! 

                                                  Eindhoven Zone
                                      January 2017 Zone Conference

                                 We love our awesome missionaries!!! 

Elders that won the award for cleanest apartment!  Elders Meads and Hunter with their superb crowns provided by Elder and Zuster Oliver from the Antwerpen zone!

Our choice honorable guest, Susannah Stevenson and her hubby Nathan Copier.  The Oliver's provided a scrumptious dinner prior to her fireside in Antwerpen.  A Heavenly event, January 2017.

Elder Van der Put's birthday celebration at the office in January.  
He makes the mission sing as he cares for all the apartments and vehicles!