Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Elder Croft and Elder Sosa. Elder Croft's service as an Assistant will shortly come to an end. What a great leader he has been!! Bedankt!

Eating Dutch Pannekoken with the new Elders!

New Elders who just arrived from the MTC
standing in front of a famous windmill in Leiden. 
Elders Twede, Chamberlin, Lowder, Nielsen and Robinson. 

Finally found the car in the airport parking lot😧
Great start to an adventure of a mission with the new arriving Elders from the MTC. 

Our new Elders have arrived, fresh off the plane: 
Elders Twede, Lowder, Chamberlin, Robinson and Nielsen. 

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

We welcome Elder Adema to our mission.  
He will be serving with Elder Drenth in Roosendaal.

We Welcome Elder Robinson to our mission.  
He will be serving with Elder Henrichsen in Leeuwarden.

We welcome Elder Lowder to our mission.  
He will be serving with Elder Hunter in Rotterdam North.

We Welcome Elder Chamberlin to our mission.  
He will be serving with Elder McBride in Enschede.

We welcome Elder Nielson to the mission.  
He will be working with Elder Stanger in Delft.

We welcome Elder Twede to the mission. 
He will serving with Elder Oliphant in Utrecht.

We welcome Elder de Seil to the mission. 
He will be serving with Elder McDivitt in Amsterdam.

Our departing Elders enjoying their last farewell meal at the mission home!

Our eight departing Elders as they finish their
farewell feast at the Mission Home.

Ready to head for home after their "best two years" of wonderful service.
From left: Elder Drinkwater, Elder Roberts, Elder Davison, Elder Turner
Elder Vanfleet and elder Groesbeck

Elder & Zuster Hill receiving gratitude and thanks for their 
unwavering service in Deventer to the Jovo's and missionaries.

Elder & Zuster Caldwell receiving recognition for their unwavering
service in Belgium & Groningen to the Jovo's and missionaries.

Elder Torrie's birthday celebration in the office.
He is the current mission legal secretary


Monday, 20 March 2017

Zuster Spijkerman is from Zwolle and is waiting for her visa 
to the Trinidad/Port of Spain Mission.  In the meantime, she will be serving 
in Lokeren, Belgium with Zusters Winkel and Fordiani

Zuster Elggren playing her flute at the Rotterdam Zone Conference. 
She is playing an arrangement of "I Feel My Savior's Love."

Den Haag Elders Morrow, Calmes, and Drinkwater - Great Happy Smiles!

Happy Zusters Mangum, Weber, and Cliff
with Elder Leishman munching on a cookie behind them

Mission Leader Council at the Mission Home - March 2017

Our wonderful Zuster Trainers.  They train and lead the Zusters in the mission.
From back left:  Zusters Cliff, Conrad, Winkel, Mercer, de Sousa, Parker, 
Ibrahim, and Majors. From front left:  Zusters de Moors, Harris, 
Taylor, Fordiani, and Cathers.

Trying to catch, in their mouths a glob of whipped cream (slagroom)!
Elders Sousa, Needham, and Croft

Friday, 17 March 2017

Zuster Pond is back!!  She will be serving in 
Breda with Zuster Bybee and Zuster Gagon.  We are so lucky.