Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Zuster Ibrahim (trainer) with Zuster Lane 
as she begins her service in Nijmegen.

Zuster Wilkinson (trainer) with Zuster Wolverton,  
as they prepare to serve in Utrecht.

Zuster Mangum (trainer) with Zuster Perkinson, 
ready to serve in Zoetemeer.

Zuster Bybee (trainer) with Zuster Weber, ready to serve in Breda!
Our  new Zusters enjoying pannenkoeken with our assistants, 
Elder Crowder, Elder Wilson, and Elder Croft. Also included are some
 of our office staff . . . Elders Perry and Mcconkie, and Zuster Van der Put. 

Our new Zusters enjoying some hot olie bollen at the airport.

These new Zuster missionaries arrived on November 15th,  They are standing in front of the "I Am sterdam" sign at the airport.  They come with fired up spirits and great Dutch!  (thanks to their trainer at the MTC in Provo, Zuster Hansen)

They are clockwise from the top left:  Zuster Perkinson, Zuster Wolverton, Zuster Weber, and Zuster Lane.

A special moment for one of our new members of this year . . . Anya Reber!  
She was able to take her fathers name to the temple to be baptized by Bishop Swart.  
She also had a lot of family names to be baptized and Sjaak van den Ban came, excited 
to do the baptisms for them.  Sjaak has been recently baptized and was eager to serve.  
He is in the pink sweater.

The Flethcher's enjoying pannekoeken at Leiden's famous pannkoeken restaurant.

Our new senior couple, the Fletcher's with their daughter Esther will be serving 
as missionaries in the cicty of Eindhoven.  They lived in the Netherlands for two years 
when they were a young couple, for work. Now they can put their Dutch language 
to good use as they return as missionaries.

Elder Wilson, passing the AP mantle to Elder Croft 
with Elder Crowder.  Our Assistants.

Our devoted, faithful missionaries just before heading home 
to start their new lives.  We will miss them soooooo much!

From left to right:  Elder Tolman, Elder Wilson, Zuster Nyakoh, 
Zuster Stewart-Chester, Elder LeDuc and Elder Wootan. 

Crazy Fun!

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Getting a little trim . . . Just before seeing mom!!!

The return of a great office Elder Clement! 

Just before he heads to the Czech Republic.

Zone Training with the Den Haag Zone
and their bowls of cereal for lunch - Santa style!
More great missionaries in rotterdam having lunch at zone training on November 23.

Monday, 28 November 2016

Pictures from the Temple Zone Conferences held over 3 days (November 8, 9, & 10th).  We enjoyed a session in the Temple each day and most missionaries took a family name through for their session. Elder and mostly Zuster Reeves helped many missionaries find a name on Family Search. A lot of work was done and many found relatives from the countries of Belgium and the Netherlands.  
This was a very choice and special time for everyone.

 Zuster Training Leaders:   (Standing, left to right) Zuster Cathers, Zuster Burnham, Zuster Nyakoh, 

Zuster Bybee, Zuster Ibrahim.
                                           (Seated, left to right) Zuster Lindsey,  Zuster deSousa, Zuster Merz, 

Zuster Berrett, Zuster Wilkinson.

Mission Leader Council at the end of October.  Wonderful Leaders!

Office Elder Reeves on his birthday, October 15th.
He does so much to help the office run!  Big CHEERS to him!!