Thursday, 24 December 2015

Transfers, Christmas and service projects - 22 December 2015


Six new missionaries arrived last week from the MTC and we sent 8 home a two days later.


In the east of the Netherlands, in Zwolle, several missionaries participated in a large project to gather food and other goods for the needy. A total of almost 30 000 products were donated by local supermarkets and packed to be delivered to the foodbank. 

Thumbs up: Here are some of the participating missionaries. Elder Williams, Sister Jaramillo, Elders Higham, Knaupp, Sisters Bush, Jensen, Elders McConkie, Zwygart, Williams, Meads and Harp (behind the lady)


As Christmas approaches, the people of the Netherlands and Belgium prepare for Christmas and it becomes a lot easier for missionaries to talk to people about Jesus Christ and about his gospel. Additionally, the Church has provided great resources to share with people. This includes the central message "A Savior is Born", several other videos (including music videos from different artists) and information about the Saviour's birth. This and more can be found at

On the 25th of December, we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ

Friday, 11 December 2015

Zone Conferences and Other Updates - 11 December 2015

Zone Conference Week

This week, the six zones met on three days for their Christmas Zone Conference led by President and Sister Bunnell, assisted by the Assistants. We were also able to hear from some other missionaries and some wonderful musical numbers. During these conferences, most missionaries received their Christmas packages from home in addition to any mail or missionary supplies. The remainder of the missionaries will still get their package (somehow) as they trickle in this next week.

in Zoetermeer

Zone picture

Sisters Romney, Maughan, Mashburn and Jones

Sisters Hanny, Begazo, Elder Morrow, Sister Romney, Elders Needham and Smith

Elders Bernier, Geeraert (back to the camera), Müller, Sister Hopkin, Elders Heinricks and Hunter

Elders Bishesar, Smith, Sisters Jones, Maughan, Elder Cook, Sister Mashburn, Elders Andrew and Meister

in Rotterdam

Zone picture

Elders Stevenson, Higham and Zwygart

Sister Harris

Elders Richards, Jardine, Sosa, Torrie, Sisters Harris, Stewart-Chester and Elder Johnson

Elders Williams & Williams, Higham, Stevenson and McConkie

Elders, Gross, Wilson, O'Loughlin and Childs

Presidents Bunnell and Van der Put (his counsellor)

Sister Voss, Elders Morrell, Abankie, Sister Bush, Elder Reese and Sister Goodman

in Antwerpen

Zone picture

Sisters Twiggs and Duncan

Elders Drinkwater, Ocampo, Leishman, Crowder and Fairbanks

Elders Brunner, Serra, Stanworth and Harry

Elder Matos, Sisters Robbins, Manning, Döbler, Elders Gleave, Thom, Sisters Fleming, Faasavalu, Elders Evans and Watson

Elders Garcia, Hosea, Parr, Bringhurst, Vanfleet, Fairbanks, Harrop and Drinkwater

Elders Stanger, Howard, Da Silva, Henrichsen and Kauer

Elders Bringhurst, Parr, Sisters Twiggs, Duncan, Elders Isaksen and Crowson

And as always, we are very grateful for the senior couples and other people that prepare all the meals for zone conferences and trainings. Much better than the bread and water we would have to eat otherwise.