Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Eating the famous waffles in Brussels, Belgium on December 17th.  
Included are Elder Needham, Elder Perry, Zr. Lane, Zr. Weber, Zr. Perkinson,
 Zr. Wolverton, Zuster Fletcher and Zr. Fletcher. 

What a beautiful moment!  
Sister Evelyn Richardson received her endowments on December 15th 
at the Den Haag Temple in Zoetemeer, a year after she was baptized.  Several 
missionaries who taught her through the years came back for the special occasion. 

Much of the food collected by the Den Haag district.  Elder Mancer, Zr. Perkinson, Elder Geereart, Elder Calmes, Elder Morrow, Zr. Mangum, Zr Mercer, Zr. Haynie, 
Elder Leishman and Elder van de Werff.

December 12th: Great Elders getting ready to serve the food bank 
by collecting food door to door.

December 12th was President Bunnells birthday and 
it was celebrated at the office with this cake of himself 
provided by the office elders!

On December 11th, Gotfred, Florence and Newton were baptized in Brussels. They were so happy.  They are surrounded by all those who helped this beautiful family including Elder and Zuster Oliver, Zr. Cannon (not in picture), Zr. Gilbert, Elder Brunner, Elder Higham, Elder Needham, Elder Leishman and Elder Smith.

On Friday, December 9th, Elder and Sister Johnson taught our
Mission Leader Council how to improve our council and to help us
serve the mission better.  They truly lifted us to better heights!
We met at the mission home prior to the Johnsons leaving our mission.

The December 7th and 8th Zone Conferences in Den Haag and Rotterdam
with Elder Paul V. Johnson and his wife Jill from the Europe Area Presidency. 
They taught us to strive to be high yield/low maintenance missionaries.
We were all inspired to be our best.

The Amsterdam, Apeldoorn & Den Haag Zones

The Rotterdam, Eindhoven & Antwerpen Zones