Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Zuster Van der Put and Zuster Bunnell trying to figure out 
some IKEA furniture for a new apartment - Service at its best!

Another picture of the lunch break at the Eindhoven/Antwerpen zone conference.

Still more missionaries at the Eindhoven/Antwerpen zone conference.

More missionaries enoying a meal at the 
Eindhoven/Antwerpen zone conference.

Happy, eager missionaries at zone conference held in Antwerpen for the Eindhoven and Antwerpen Zones.  Yummy taco salad!

More missionaries at the zone conference in Zoetemeer!

More hungry missionaries at zone conference in Zoetermeer 

Happy hungry missionaries at the Zoetermeer Church for the Apeldoorn and Rotterdam Zone Conference on June 28, 2017. 

Amsterdam and Den Haag zone conference held in Amsterdam on June 27, 2017.

Welcome to a new couple,  Elder and Zuster Jongejan from Sandy, Utah.  
They will be serving in Groningen where Elder Jongejan's mother was born!  
They have four children and 14 grandchildren. We are truly blessed 
to have them serving in this mission!

What an awesome group of missionaries that bid farewell to this great mission and move forward with their lives.  We truly will miss each one of them. Front row from the left:  Elders Hill, Croft, Ocampo, Kauer, Howard, P. Smith, Zusters Lindsey and Maughan. Second Row from left: Elders Drenth, Higham, C.Williams, Leigh, Gleave, Henrichsen, and Stanger.  Third Row from left: Elders Morey, Christianson, G. Williams, Prickett, Zwygart, Knaupp, McBride, DeBloois, McConkie, Stevenson, and Morrow.  Elders  Christianson and Stevenson have chosen to extend their mission and will remain with us for a few more weeks.

A finale farewell testimony meeting.  These Elders sang full of heart.  
From the left, Elder Knaupp, Elder G. Williams,  Elder Morey, Elder Higham, 
and Elder Gleave, with Elder Morrow at the piano. 

Elder Deardon's last service with Elder Mierra as an Assistant.  
We appreciate and are grateful to Elder Deardon for his great service.  
He now will serve as a zone leader.  Elder Miera will serve with Elder Mackay as Assistants.

Anja Rebber from Hengelo and her mother from Germany.  
They came to the office to say goodby to many great missionaries 
that served and worked with Anja who was/is a ward missionary.

Our new missionaries are:  Front row left to right, Elder Jean Frauw, Zuster Wallman, Elder Etchells, Elder Kennel, Elder Adams; Back row left to right, Elder Davis, Elder Furniss, Elder Whitlock, Elder Keen and Elder Becktel.  

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

On June 13th we welcomed some wonderful new missionaries as they arrived at  the Amsterdam airport, fresh from the MTC.