Thursday, 13 October 2016

Our superb assistants: Elder Crowder and Elder Wilson

We say goodbye to six grand missionaries

These six wonderful Elders are heading home on October 6th, 2016. This is their last night in the
mission home before they depart.  They don't appear to be all worn out!  From the left they are
Elder Jones, Elder Crowsen, Elder Byers, Elder Gross, Elder Harrop and Elder Harp.  We will
miss this great army of soldiers. They served with their hearts for two years.  Tot Ziens!!

Elder Hosea, a great missionary, leaves for home.

Elder Hosea the night before he left to return to his home in Utah.  He was a great missionary and we will miss him!

Elder Hosea enjoying pannenkoeken - his last meal in the country after two wonderful years of serving and loving the people in Belgium and the Netherlands. He will be greatly missed!  He is flanked by the two assistants, Elder Wilson and Elder Crowder.

Part of our wonderful office support staff - Elder and Zuster Van Der Put and Elder Perry.

A great trio of strength!

Our new missionaries with their trainers

Zuster Cannon with her trainer, Zuster Gilbert
They are off to Belgium

Zuster Elggren with her trainer, Zuster Winkel
They will be serving in Hengelo

Zuster Gagon with her trainer, Zuster Cathers.
They will be serving in Amsterdam
Zuster Neale with her trainer, Zuster Parker
They will be serving in Breda

Elder Van Der Weyden with his trainer, Elder Lenhart
They will be serving in Roosendaal

Our New Missionaries trying out Dutch Pannekoen

Zuster Gagon and Zuster Elggren

Zuster Neale and Zuster Cannon
Elder Van Der Weyden with Elder McConkie in background

Our new missionaries with the Leiden windmill in the background. In addition to the four new Zuster missionaries, Pesident and Zuster Bunnell welcome Elder Van Der Weyden
from Almere who will serve here for a short time while waiting for a visa.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Welcoming 4 new Zuster Missionaries October 4, 2016

The four new zusters who arrived on October 4, 2016.  From left to right they are Zuster Cannon (Idaho), Zuster Neale (England), Zuster Elggren (Washington), and Zuster Gagon (Utah). We are excited to have them and their great missionary spirit.

Mission Leader Council - 30 September 2016

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The September 30th, 2016 Mission Leader Council with their Book of Mormons kicking off the challenge to read it by December 31. The challenge will be introduced to the whole mission at zone training on October 11, 12, and 13th.