Thursday, 14 June 2018

πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯Attention all you returned Elders & Zusters and their families!!!  President and Zuster Bunnell will arrive home in Salt Lake City, Utah on the 30th of June.  They will be speaking in Sacrament meeting on the 8th of July in the CrestView Ward at 2795 East Crestview Drive, SLC Utah 84108.πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯

Zuster Esther Fletcher with her rose playing some improv on the piano after the Antwerpen Conference.

Aaaaah!  Those hungry Elders.😊

Enjoying a fun burrito lunch at the Antwerpen Zone Conference.

Role playing at the Antwerpen Zone Conference.

June Zone Conference in Antwerpen, Belgium
with the Antwerpen and Eindhoven Zones.

More hungry souls at the Zwolle Zone Conference!

Great missionaries eager to eat lunch at the Zone Conference in Zwolle.

Zone Leaders from the Apeldoorn and Amsterdam Zones taught us all to think higher thoughts of everyone and everyplace as they shared the video Elder Uchtdorf used to teach about the effects of bullying.  They are from the left Elder Niederhauser, Kennel, Humphrey, and Nielsen.

Zuster Training Leaders in a breakout session during the Zwolle Zone Conference teaching about good food.

The Zwolle Zone Conference musical number was provided by three violinists -  Elders Leung, Simons and Occon, with piano accompaniment by Zuster Hardy and voice by Zuster Howe. It was very uplifting and spiritual!

June Zone Conference in Zwolle with the Apeldoorn and Amsterdam Zones.

More happy missionaries enjoying lunch at the Zoetermeer Zone Conference.
The luncheon was prepared by the awesome senior couples,
the Atkins and the Reeves.

Enjoying a tasty lunch at the Zoetermeer Zone Conference.

June Zone Conference in Zoetermeer with the Den Haag and Rotterdam Zones.

President Bijkerk and his lovely family with Elder Hunter
in the mission home for some food and friendships.
President Bijkerk, Devia, Jenson, Logan, Eden, and Finley. 

Our super Zone Leaders singing "Ye Elders of Israel" to the Zusters, with Elder Niederhauser at the piano and Elder Hair directing.  From the left we have:  Elders Lewis, Geddes, McDivitt, Kennel, Enger, Neilson, Humphrey, Schramel, Ballard, Etchells, Davis, Hunter, and Lowder.

Zuster Training Leaders in the upper room of the mission home.
Back row from the left, Zusters Gillespie, Vassar, McComas, Williams,
Pronk, Van der Graaff, Bateman and Klenk. Front row, Zusters Steimle, Ogden, Means, Acheson, and Hardy.

Our Mission Leadership Council on June 1, 2018
in the backyard of the mission home.

Zuster Kluit from Rotterdam North.  President Bunnell was welcomed into her home when he served as a young Elder.  Her family lived in a windmill in Schiedam, as her husband was a Miller.

Joyce Klein and her parents from Amersfoort - Do any missionaries remember teaching her?