Wednesday, 5 July 2017

What an awesome group of missionaries that bid farewell to this great mission and move forward with their lives.  We truly will miss each one of them. Front row from the left:  Elders Hill, Croft, Ocampo, Kauer, Howard, P. Smith, Zusters Lindsey and Maughan. Second Row from left: Elders Drenth, Higham, C.Williams, Leigh, Gleave, Henrichsen, and Stanger.  Third Row from left: Elders Morey, Christianson, G. Williams, Prickett, Zwygart, Knaupp, McBride, DeBloois, McConkie, Stevenson, and Morrow.  Elders  Christianson and Stevenson have chosen to extend their mission and will remain with us for a few more weeks.

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