Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Facebook campaign, A Word from President Bunnell - 2 November 2015

A Week Left to Transfer Week...

...and the start of a new Facebook campaign. This time, we will be giving away Finding Happiness DVDs to people who order it via Facebook. Their addresses will be then passed on to the nearest missionaries who will drop by to see what they thought about the DVD and share a message with them. Past campaigns have been very successful and have led to great experiences for missionaries and the people they find through these campaigns. There have even been some baptisms!
The Easter and Christmas campaigns are always the most popular, but other campaigns also do well, and we have so far 81 referrals in the space of about 6 days. The referrals are coming in, and as more people share the facebook post to their page and the pages of friends, there will be more people interested in receiving a DVD and hearing about the message we share.

Results of an Increased Standard:

And finally, some words from President Bunnell's latest letter to the mission:
"We are so happy for your devotion to working more for our Savior.  We are now seeing the results of your increased proselyting time in lessons taught and all other indicators that show that more people are hearing about Jesus Christ.  It brings joy, to them and to you! ... We are seeing the heavens open with blessings on those who are able to teach even more than 23 hours.  Last week a companionship reached 30 hours.  I notice a correlation between the number of hours of proselyting and the happiness of the missionaries." - President Bunnell

Some Other Stuff:

Though everyone probably is aware of the new office address:

Schuttersveld 2 C
2316 ZA Leiden
The Netherlands

It may be handy to know that the actual office functions will be moved there on the 12th of November. As of that date, there will no longer be anyone at the old address and neither will we be able to check the mail (though most of it should be forwarded), so make sure you send your mail to the right address!

And zone trainings will be coming up right after transfers! So keep your eyes open for info and pictures!

Pictures of Missionaries

Gouda: Sisters Hansen and Romney are really excited for the new Facebook campaign.

Zaandam: Elders Matos and Smith are happy when their apartment was deemed clean after inspection. A clean apartment makes a happy missionary.

Haarlem: Elders Troumbley and Groesbeck paying close attention during District Meeting.

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