Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Departing Missionaries 27 Jan 2016

Elder Frederico and Zusters Voss and Robbins

At the mission home

Elder Neptune, Zusters Voss, Watts, Bush and Robbins

Elders Evans, Frederico and Neptune

Elders Evans, Neptune, Romig, Zusters Romig, Voss, Watts, Bush, Robbins, Elders Heinricks, Conatti, & Frederico
Their last night at the mission home.

The group with President and Zuster Bunnell

Elder Hirsch and Elder Evans.(he looks like he's up to something)

Happy Elder Neptune

Elders Neptune and Evans

On the way to the airport on the train,  Zuster Voss, Elders Conatti and Evans

Elders Frederico and Neptune

Saying their last goodbyes, Elder Frederico, Zusters Voss and Bush, Elders Evans & Heinricks

Back to the office.  Elder Evans is taking a train back to Belgium surprising his parents.  They think he is coming home next week. Zuster Bush's parents are picking her up today.  Zuster Voss's parents are picking her up on the 8th.

Zuster Bush's Family

Elder Frederico's family picking him up.

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