Wednesday, 17 February 2016

MLC 5 Feb 2016

Pres & Sisters Bunnell, Goodman, Jones, Kimmons, Lemich, Jensen, Huber, Young, Dobler, Harris, and Cowles
Elders Hosea, Harrop, Clukey, Steenblik, Isaksen, Morrell, Reese, DaSilva, Hirsch, Smith, Parr, Lott, Wilson, and Bonner

Office Elders Cook and Andrew helping out with lunch.
Amsterdam Zone Leaders
Sisters Young & Jensen, Elders Steenblik and Smith

Rotterdam Zone Leaders
Sisters Harris & Cowles, Elders Morrell and DaSilva

Antwerpen Zone Leaders
Sisters Lemich & Dobler, Elders Lott and Reese

Elder Bonner giving his presentation

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