Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Transfer week 26 Jan 2016

Elders Steele, Gemmell, Mackay, Packard, Sisters Lindsay and Maughan.
Our new missionaries just arrived in Amsterdam.

Sister Maughan and Sister Lindsay showing us their first pannenkoeken.

Elders Mackay and Packard.

Elders, Andrew, Cook, Gemmell, and Steele.

President Bunnell, Sister Maughan, Sister Robison, Elders Andrew, Cook, Gemmell, Steele, Mackay , Packard and Hirsch.

Elder Evans ordered a sandwich.  I guess he had enough pannenkoeken.

Sisters Lindsay and Maughan, Elders Mackay, Packard, Gemmell, and Steele.

President and Sister Bunnell with the new missionaries.

Our office staff, Elders Andrew and Evans, Sister Van Eeden, and Elder Cook.

Sister Maughan is going to Antwerpen, Belgium

Sister Lindsay is going to Lokeren, Belgium

Elder Steele is going to Eindhoven

Elder Mackay is going to Genk, Belgium

Elder Packard is going to Breda

Elder Gemmell, is going to Amsterdam

Elder Stanger and Elder Packard

Elder Mackay and Elder Bishesar

Sister Hansen and Sister Maughan

Sister Fleming and Sister Lindsay

They meet their trainer for the first time.

Elders Byers and Elder Gemmell

Elder Crowder and Elder Steele

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