Thursday, 24 March 2016

13 New Missionaries March

13 New missionaries posing in front of the I LOVE AMSTERDAM sign at the airport

Lunch at the Pannenkoeken house in Leiden

Old and New office Elders

Elders Waters and Penman

Elder and Zuster Robison

In front of the Windmill in Leiden

APs Elders Hirsch and Bonner.  Their last lunch together.  Elder Bonner has one more transfer so he is going back into the field.

Zuster Van Eeden, Elders HIrsch, Cook, Solomon, Bonner, Zuster and Elder Robison

Dinner at the office

Office staff singing to the new missionaries

The office Elders tried to pull a fast one on the new missionaries by all wearing the same glasses to see if they would notice.  They weren't that tired and called them out on it.

Zusters Hopkin and Harris going to Turnhout

Zusters Duncan and Wilkinson going to Groningen

Zusters Berrett and Jones going to Den Haag

Zusters Romney and Merz going to Alkmaar

Zusters Young, and Bybee going to Zoetermeer

Zusters Goodman and Winkel going to Lelystad

Zuster Huber and Cathers going to Utrecht

Zusters Hanny and Burnham going to Lokeren

Zusters Dobler and Majors going to Gent

Zusters Parker and Begazo going to Tilburg

Zusters Harris and Black going to Dordrecht

Elders Steenblik and Waters going to Geel

Elders Penman and Bonner going to Den Helder

Elder DaSilva is our new AP with Elder Hirsch

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