Thursday, 24 March 2016

14 Departing Missionaries March

At the mission home getting ready to go home.

Zuster Doxey and Elder Bishesar 

APs Elders DaSilva and Hirsch

President and Zuster Bunnell, Elders Thom , Bisheasr, Zusters Jensen, Cowles, Manning, Lemich, Mashburn, Maughan, Doxey, Twiggs, Hansen, Kimmons, Fleming and Elder Henderson.

Elder Henderson, Zusters Kimmons, Twiggs, Hansen and Maughan

Elders Bishesar, Thom, DaSilva, Zusters Doxey, Manning, Hansen, Lemich and Mashburn.

Zuster Mannings family came to pick her up.  Big hug for MOM.

Dads turn

Another one for SIS

The Manning Family

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