Monday, 14 March 2016

Zone Confernces Feb

Rotterdam & Apeldoorn Zones

Sister Hill and Sister Van der Put

Elder Hill and Elder Van der Put

Sisters Johansen and Faasavalu

Sisters Nyakoh and Harris

Elders Crowson and Tolman

Sisters Stewart-Chester and Kimmons

Sisters Kimmons, Maughan, Johansen and Harris

Elders Parr and DaSilva

Elders Matos and Bonner

Sisters Nyakoh and Kimmons

Sisters Johansen, Nyakoh and Kimmons

Elder Smith, Sisters Duncan and Faasavalu

Elders Parr and DaSilva

Elders Solomon, Gross, and Davison

Antwerpen & Eindhoven Zones

Elder Troumbley and DeWitt

Sisters Lindsey, Maughan,

Sisters Lindsey, Maughan and Hansen

Elders Bringhurst and Bishesar

Elders Bishesar, Van den Dungen Bille, and Ocampo

Elder McBride did the artwork in this book.

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