Wednesday, 13 January 2016

6 New Elders

When new missionaries come into the mission we take them for pannenkoeken in Leiden.  These are like giant crepes.  They can chose what they want on them which is about anything.  This is Elder van den Dungen Bille and Elder Foltz.

Elders Andrew, Cook, Mancer, van den Dungen Bille, and Foltz.

Elder Oliphant, Sutherland and Miera.

Elder Evans

Elders Andrew, Cook, Mancer,  van den Dungen Bille, Foltz and Bonner

Our APs, Elder Bonner and Elder Hirsch.

Elder Cook, Mancer, van den Dungen Bille, and Foltz.

President and Sister Bunnell

Street contacting on the way back to the office.

We always take a picture of the new missionaries at the windmill.
Elders, Miera, Foltz, van den Dungen Bille, Sutherland, Mancer and Oliphant

Elder Robison watching Elder Hirsch get a referral.

Chillin on the bridge after lunch

The new missionaries getting instructions. They are about to get on the train to do some legality work.

On their second day here they get to know who their companion is, and get some training.
 Here Elder Foltz is opening up his letter.

Elder Sutherland opening his letter

Elder Miera

Elder Miera is going to Utrecht.

Elder van den Dungen Bille

Elder Mancer

Elder Watson meets his new companion Elder Prickett going to Vlissingen

Elder Richards with Elder Sutherland going to Capelle aan den IJssel

Elder Oliphant meets Elder Groesback

Elder Oliphant and Elder Groesback going to Haarlem

Elder Matos with Elder Mancer going to Amersfoort

Elder van den Dungen Bille with Elder Drenth going to Leuven

Elder Muller with Elder Foltz going to Delft

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