Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Mission Leader Counsel 8 Jan 2016

The first Mission Leader Counsel of the year 2016
Sisters Cowles, Hopkin, Lemich, Romney, Jones, Huber, Twiggs, Dobler, Jensen, Elder Smith, Sister Bunnell
Elders Heinricks, Bonner, DaSilva, Harrop, Wilson, Reese, Parr, Clukey,  Morrell, Steenblik, Lott, Hosea  and Hirsch.

The Belgium/Netherlands Mission Culture

Webster’s Dictionary defines culture as: “The set of shared attitudes, beliefs, values, goals and practices that characterizes a people, an institution or an organization, transmitted from generation to generation.” Friday, the Assistants, Zone Leaders and Sister Training leaders gathered for Mission Leadership Council. Together, we examined the current culture of our mission. We found many positive traits, and some we want to change. After much discussion, the Council formulated these statements that reflect the culture we seek to establish in this mission:

In our mission we:
...teach repentance and baptize converts.
...emulate Christ-like love by becoming a unified body of consecrated missionaries and recognizing how blessed we are to serve the people of Belgium and the Netherlands.
...know our love of God determines our priorities and directs our actions.
...are 100% accountable for 100% of our results 100% of the time, NO EXCUSES.

We invite you to ponder these statements. Let them guide your efforts as you move forward this year to serve our Master and bring others to Him.

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