Wednesday, 20 January 2016


Every three months the President travels the mission and does interviews with all the missionaries. In his weekly letter he writes:
Dear Fellow Missionaries:
It's been a wonderful week.  It is always a joy to meet with you for interviews.  It's been exciting to review your goals with you.  In addition to staying safe, New Year's Eve you used your time to chart a course for your mission and lives that will be a blessing to you and many others. Please remember the three week phenomenon.  When you change behavior, it takes about three weeks to cement the changes in your minds and hearts.  You are half way there!Thank you!
Finally, we want to thank you for your work.  As we travel throughout the mission we see you diligently representing Jesus Christ and His Restored Gospel.  We think of you in your daily activities; kneeling by your beds, seeking answers and guidance; prayerfully planning to efficiently use your time to bless others; studying to understand and improve your teaching of the Gospel; providing service in so many forms; hitting the streets and knocking on doors to invite these good people to come to Christ; pushing your bicycles into the wind and rain to make an appointment; boldly speaking to people on buses and trains and teaching the precious doctrines of salvation.  We think about you in the cold, when you are being rejected, when you call that contact and the phone just rings, when you stand up in church to speak and teach, when you lie down at night, exhausted.  We feel so much gratitude for you.  Thank you for putting on your badge every day and pushing yourself to do things that are uncomfortable, frightening, and even monotonous.  Thank you for trying new ways to contact and teach.  And thank you for opening your mouths, for putting the adversary at bay.  I love the talk Elder Holland gave in General Priesthood meeting October 2011.  Many of you heard this!  And Sisters, you stand shoulder-to-shoulder in the ranks.   Please accept our gratitude for your courage and fortitude and resilience. 
We love you!
President and Sister Bunnell

Elder Thom, Elder Brunner, Elder Walker, and Elder Mancer

Elder Mancer and Elder Walker

Elder Mancer

Elder Geeraert

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